Madness Movie - Plot

Watch Madness at Altadefinizione... At the jungle near Minneapolis, a battered pregnant girl is stabbed and stomped to death with a hillbilly called Drake, who drags her entire body away. It is shown to become 1994, and cheerleaders Tara and Jenna are in their way to a contest being held at Minneapolis. Low gas, both pull into a service station, where they satisfy Chad and Oliver, that are having car trouble as stated on altadefinziione. Taking pity on both guys, the women give them a ride, along with the quartet depart, not knowing that they were being watched with a one-eyed, Swedish-speaking guy, who utilizes a walkie-talkie to record what he's observed into his comrades. One-eye follows the group and induces them to crash with a throwing a bit of roadkill on their windshield. Drake brings up into the walking quartet, also provides them a ride. After everyone is in the vehicle, Drake pushes into the woods, prompting a panicked Chad to leap from the moving automobile. Drake matches up with One-eye, and also both tie Tara, Jenna, and Oliver upward at gunpoint, and take them for their hideout. Drake puts Tara and Jenna at the primary house, whilst One-eye rapes Oliver at a drop. Elsewhere, Chad experiences Bob, one of those hillbillies, and both struggle. Back at the home, Tara and Jenna free themselves, and creep outside, just to be faced by Drake. Both are stored by Chad, who stabs Drake from the throat. One-eye takes Chad and Tara back into the house and compels them to listen on a walkie talkie as Drake drowns Jenna. Afterward, Chad breaks the seat he's tied to, suffocates the older member of the hillbilly clan made to observe them, also frees Tara. Since they stumble down the street, Chad and Tara are located by the one-eye and Drake and chased into the woods, in which they become split. Chad leads Drake and One-eye to an abandoned home, and while he manages to wound them, he's eventually overpowered. The success will be short lived, as One-eye then strikes Tara. Chad conserves Tara by enticing One-eye to an area with loose floorboards, which One-eye falls through. Locating One-eye impaled with debris, Chad finishes him off with an axe. In that a post-credits scene place six months afterwards, yet another Swedish survivalist snipes a young woman and her mother in the gas station.